Murrow Consulting’s Director Greg Murrow is the engine room of writing specialist and tailor made reports for submission to Certifiers, Councils and other regulatory bodies. 

Performance Solutions Reports

Murrow Consulting Performance Solutions Reports assist clients in satisfying Certifiers requirements for a range of Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) non-compliances including:

  • Low ceiling heights;
  • Reduced exit widths and paths of travel to exits;
  • Reduced numbers and alternative arrangements of sanitary facilities;
  • Disabled access issues (alternative building entry provisions and doorway widths and circulation spaces etc);
  • Stairways and ramps issues (handrails, landings and goings and risers etc);
  • Doorway thresholds;
  • Balustrades;
  • Early childhood centres facilities and provisions;
  • Natural light and/or natural ventilation; and
  • Minor fire services issues.

In accordance with the new BCA requirements, Murrow Consulting Performance Solutions Reports include:

  • Preparing a performance-based design brief in consultation with relevant stakeholders;
  • Carrying out of analysis, using one or more of the Assessment Methods as proposed by the performance-based design brief;
  • Evaluating results against the acceptance criteria in the performance-based design brief; and
  • Preparing a final report for the approval of the Certifier or Council.

Access Reports

Murrow Consulting Access Reports provide detailed information on compliance of proposed designs or as-built buildings / features which inform design teams and building owners on future required action to facilitate and promote safe, equitable and dignified access to and within buildings and other community facilities.

  • Access Compliance Assessment Reports;
  • Access Audit Reports; and
  • Access Sign-offs at completion stage.