Murrow Consulting

The following deliverables are the forte of Murrow Consulting:

  • Developer defects reports for upcoming new strata legislation in the field of fire safety / BCA defects;
  • BCA fire safety defects expert witness services including litigation compliant reports and troubleshooting in BCA and building regulations disputes;
  • BCA compliance assessment reports for proposed development;
  • Fire safety audit / upgrade reports for existing buildings;
  • BCA performance-based Alternative Solutions reports;
  • Access assessment report and Alternative Solutions reports;
  • Crown Certification (S109R) certifying BCA compliance has been met for Crown developments;
  • Fire safety order negotiation with Council and technical advisor roles;
  • PCA critical stage inspections of development;
  • Quality assurance consulting to builders and developers to ensure BCA compliance on projects;
  • Inspections of fire rectification / upgrade works and liaison with contractors to align with scopes of works.

Murrow Consulting advises to a wide range of clients including:

  • Architects and designers;
  • Body corporates / owners corporations;
  • Builders and developers;
  • Building owners and tenants;
  • Councils;
  • Government architects and agencies;
  • Insurers;
  • Lawyers; and
  • Strata Managers.



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